Loans and their value

recruiting-cutoutsIf you are willing to take a loan it is time to rethink again.

What are you getting it for and how long will you need to pay it off? Is it investment or is it a purchase? There are multiple questions that you need to answer to yourself. Most of the people consider buying a home as investment – but it is actually not. It is a pure spending that you need for yourself to live. Investment is something that pays back with the time and the profit is caclucated based on the percentage of return. So a house that is used for living (not for renting) is considered a spending and not an investment. Of course if you plan to sell it one day it may be considered as investment.

So check out the interest rates and how much money you are going to spend paying off this loan.

The real value of a credit or a loan is that there is no such thing as value.

In most of the cases you are loosing and it is for sure. The thing that you can do is just calculate how much you won’t loose and that is why we are here.